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About Kerstin A. La Cross

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Hello! My name's Kerstin La Cross and I'm a wilderness backpacking Adventure Cartoonist!

Please help me to make more comics! By becoming a patron, you’ll help offset the business and living costs of being an independent creator. That means more comics for you!

Making comics about my experiences is a way of encouraging others to step outside of their comfort zone and have an adventure of their own. My comics are deeply personal, inviting readers into my head to see what I see and feel how I feel. It's a way for me to express myself in ways that words alone cannot. 

Your contributions will also help make my adventures comics possible! With your support, I can take fewer freelance jobs and focus on my own projects: Educational Wilderness comics, original artwork, and my graphic memoir; BASHers.

So how does this work, anyway?

Excellent question!

Patreon is a platform where amazing, thoughtful people like you can directly support creators like me through small, monthly contributions. Choose an amount you'd like to send every month, and in return, you get access to awesome Patreon-exclusive content (see sidebar for full details), and eternal gratitude and love from yours truly. 
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Comics are a long misunderstood but loved medium. They bring people together and can make them laugh, cry, shout, or think deeply about issues affecting us as a society. My hope is that my comics make my readers feel as strongly as I felt when I made them. I can't ask for anything more. 

Every bit of support I receive through Patreon is a figurative weight off my shoulders, and makes my adventures more enjoyable and more fun, therefore resulting in more comics for everyone to enjoy. It's a win-win situation.

Thank you so much for reading through my page! I appreciate it, and always remember to hike your own hike! 

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Being in the wilderness means being far away from modern conveniences like Wi-Fi, escalators, and microwaves. But what it also means is being at the mercy of Mother Nature while also far away from any kind of medical services. Common injuries in the backcountry include trips, falls, stings, bites, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, altitude sickness, lightning strikes, etc, etc, etc. 

Reaching this Patreon goal would allow me to participate in a NOLS Wilderness First Aid course and becoming a valuable asset in the outdoors. Not only would I be able to take care of myself in an emergency situation but I would also be an asset to other hikers and backpackers in similar situations. Maintaining this goal would allow me to retake this course every few years to keep my skills sharp.
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