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About Paragons of Earth

Whew, oh my goodness, finally getting ready to start this thing in earnest.

This project is primarily centred around "Paragons of Earth" my rambling series that has gone through a few names but is finally settled and in the process of writing. I won't give up too much up front, but read below for an an excerpt from book 1 of "Paragons of Earth".

My other project is the continuation of "The Adventures of Harriet Potter", an ongoing fanfiction series. We've hundreds and hundreds of readers around the world and well if they'd like, here's a place they can come and see the drafts and watch progress and might help me keep my motivations up to write.

Here's the excerpt, the opening of Chapter 1!

“Fly, Sift!”
The branches claw at him as his mount tears through the thick underbrush. The bundle in his arms sobs. He holds her as tight as he dares without hurting her.
She’s lost everything. The plan failed. Her family gambled and lost. Now, the child only has him. Soon, she won’t even have that.
He can barely hear the flitting sound of arrows darting past them. The thrashing of the branches against his helm, and the rapid, rhythmic pounding of Sift’s tri-toed feet on the earth below mostly drowns the arrows out. The projectiles don’t concern him. His armour will deflect any. They’re meant to distract him, to slow him, to wound Sift if one hits him.
It’s the sporadic flashes of light streaking past him through the trees that worry him.
Gai’Son knows the flashes too well. They’re super-heated shards of steel, hurled with immense strength; product of one deeply learned in the arts of Light and Unity. He knows exactly who is pursuing him.
His blood runs cold: Rho’Za’Kho.
Lord Rhoza will stop at nothing to claim the child in Gai’Son’s. At any other time, Gai’Son would turn and fight. Lacking the training in Jor that Rhoza’s received, he would lose, but he would still stand.
He can’t. Not today. Today, he must fly. He must reach the gate that the Paragon arranged. He must get the child to safety. She’s the only hope. She’s all that matters. Oh, Litu, why did it have to be you?
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Okay I know this'll never happen but what the heck, everyone can dream right? Would like to reach this tier to procure more proper sound/computer equipment.
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