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Thank you, for this tier you gain access to Work in Progress shots before they are uploaded to instagram, and also content that wont be available to others.

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You are amazing!
For this, you get everything that a starter gets + Limited HD Copies of the Renders. These will be 1080p High resolution copies.

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If you're here, I'm actually gobsmacked.
For this, you get everything that a starter and Intermediate gets + Limited 2K versions of the Renders. There will also be some super early access content that you will receive. You may also get something a little extra when the time comes :D 




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About klikplay

Heya Guys,
I'm just starting out here, getting my footing right, and getting to know this place a little better. 
I currently make art using 3D rendering programs. I aim to put out content weekly if not daily all whilst learning the medium. All my artwork gets uploaded to Instagram at 1080x1080. However I aim to put HD 2K and 4K renders on here as instagram is limited when it comes to size.
I stream occasionally on Twitch.tv/klikplay whenever I can and I just generally try and have fun. 
Hope you enjoy the content here and have fun.
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I'm aiming to get started on here and get into the groove of things. It will aid my "In Real Life" state and also serve as a motivation to pump out more content.
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