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So you're probably not so poor you hold a penny like a good thing. Trust me

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About Klutch

Welcome one and all to my Patreon page! However you stumbled upon this, whether it be posted by me, someone else, or you just found this somehow, you're all welcome to stay! My name is Klutch, and I'll be your host for this page, I guess

Klutch? Who's that?
That's the name I use for literally everything, no joke. I'm known by: KlutchArt, KlutchGaming, and maybe KlutchAnimation in the future. I am an artist, gamer, writer, and someday, I also want to be an animator. I have lots of stuff I want to do, but one problem sort of popped up: You kind of need money to do anything.

So you went to Patreon. Why?
Because Patreon is amazing, that's why! It allows creators to get funded by their fans, and it's very safe. All of your money is safe and secure with Patreon, and you won't be ripped off! You can cancel a pledge any time as well, which is pretty nice. Anyways, that's about all I have to say for this, so hopefully you guys donate, and I can further my work with said funds! :D

(Will be updated in the future)

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This twenty dollars will help me buy Adobe Flash every month, meaning I can start animating stuff on my channel for you guys!
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