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is creating Dermatomyositis (Juvenile) awareness
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 Seeing what is being done and awareness of how children are effected.  I will continue to raise money for Walt Disney until goal is met to make her dream come true.



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She asked to go to Walt Disney.
Dermatomyositis (Juvenile) and was diagnosed November 16, 2017. She is still undergoing treatment. She has had 2 infusions of RITUXAN ( Which were successful but still receiving 2 medicines to fight to get her immune system to turn around to go into remission. She is currently attending PT still twice a week and is on homebound. Her wish is to go back to school but still waiting to see if her immune system can hold up to go back. She is fighting a good fight. The family is struggling to meet the demands of every day bills and maintaining groceries for the house because there is no help they qualify for to get extra help.

Fast Facts
Patients with JDM have varying symptoms. They range from mild muscle weakness like difficulty getting out of a chair or difficulty turning over in bed to severe symptoms including profound weakness or difficulty swallowing. Patients can also develop rash or skin changes ranging from mild redness to more severe ulcer formation.
Other forms of myositis in children include polymyositis, focal myositis, and other rare forms of myositis.
Myositis almost always causes loss of muscle strength and most all patients also have a rash.
Early diagnosis and sticking to the treatment plan are important to prevent permanent muscle weakness.
Children experience JDM differently. While remission is often possible, a minority of children with JDM may have a more chronic course that is less responsive to therapy(
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Sara going to Walt Disney and raising awareness about her condition but also maybe starting a organization for other families.
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