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About Moody is Doing the Work &

Hello Patrons,

I am creating a way for the average citizen (you)  to impact their community by: (taking a gun out of a kid's hand, offering real-time youth support, or consistently encouraging them to make better choices). Without having to leave your home or get involved.

As an author, trainer, motivational speaker, program consultant, I am called upon to lend my expertise on the topic of engaging "the Streets" aka high-risk communities and helping stakeholders figure out how to engage these populations.

Usually, the people who I could help the most are connected to hard-to-navigate red tape and competing priorities to spend resources (school budgets).

Meanwhile, there is a volatile population of citizens who are not being exposed to positive messages, resources, or opportunities that help them develop into compassionate engaged citizens.
My work, in its simplest form, is about inspiring, encouraging, and supporting vulnerable populations to live healthy productive lives. More specifically, I want to bring the conversation to the "street" by engaging the very people I am trying to reach by incentivizing them to make changes in their own community.
The Ask...

I am willing to continue to work in this space generating tools, resources, and concepts that engage this very specific target population of disconnected (gang, street-involved) young people who are experiencing life from a high-risk environment, but I cannot do it alone and I need you to understand the value exchange I am offering.

Young people in your community are failing to make healthy transitions into adulthood. Many of the strategies and solutions being offered are impacted by so many factors the rubber rarely meets the road. I am willing to immerse my self in the challenge of impacting violence by:  

1. Identifying young people who may be at risk of being victims or perpetrating crimes.
2. Creating a system that connects them to creditable mentors and opportunities.
3. Creating or shifting a paradigm that sees community (former gang involved) mentors as assets evidenced by stipends for the work of engaging high-risk youth in their community.
4. Generate an income stream/funding model that leads to sustainability. 
5. Build an ecosystem of paid knowledgeable, engaging, passionate presenters who are willing to offer pop-up workshop style training that will have a positive impact on their future.

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Achieving my Goal to reach 50 patrons will let me know this concept is viable. This will allow me to consistently produce quality video, offer workshops, presentations, and other products.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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