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Did you think rich people were the only ones who could call themselves a Patron? Come on, this is 2016, you can call yourself a Patron of the Arts and spend more on parking downtown.  Write it on your resume, make business cards, tell everyone you know! 
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I've got artistic goals and you are doing so much to help support me (that goes for all donations), but this tier will give you a voice in my artistic ventures.  For this, and all donations above you will be able to make suggestions or critiques of my work.
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This size of a monthly donation helps pay for one of my shopping sprees at Blick Art Supplies (I live within walking distance, it's a problem).




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My name is Natalie and I knit (Check it out) but I'm also an emerging artist, currently located in the Sunny (yet expensive) San Diego.

My Situation:

I went to school for Fine Art and met the love of my life... then he joined the Navy.  I took this an opportunity for me to see a lot of what this country has to offer and I absolutely LOVE it!
I had an amazing job as the Graphic Designer/Social Media Coordinator for a family owned Fabric Store in Virginia and I learned so much, but Military life makes it hard to keep a job you love (if you're a spouse that is).

So I recently found myself in San Diego, CA and unemployed... for months... I cried about it for a while and then decided that this was a great opportunity for me to start my art career!

San Diego has been so welcoming! In the last few months I have had 2 shows, got into a juried art show, and am working with a local coffee shop that helps find homes for cats! (you'll see why cats when you check out my work >^..^<).

Although this support has been great for my confidence it hasn't exactly paid for itself yet, this is where you come in.

Your monthly donation will help me:

  • Buy art supplies - Paper, tape, paint, pens, sketch books, rulers, frames, you name it!
  • Enter Shows - From Juried art shows to Art Fairs, they all require payment, some are expensive!
  • Support my Creativity - The most important thing your support does is help me turn my art into a career.

My initial goal is $500/month.  This is only half of what I was making at my full time job, but will go a long way in helping me create.

My stretch goal is $5000/month.  This type of income will help me get my work out to a larger audience by paying for shows around the world, shipping works to galleries far away, and a car/plane ticket to go see those shows.

If you're new to Patreon there are a few things that I'd like to share with you:
  1. Your donation is monthly - This means that if you pledge a certain amount Patreon will charge your account each month, this is not a one time thing (if you're interested in that, feel free to email me).
  2. Every donation is incredibly helpful - Weather it's $1 a month or $20, every little bit helps!  I appreciate your support and want you to know how amazing you are!

Check out my instagram for more pictures of my work

$0 of $200 per month
There is a juried art show coming up and I want to make something amazing for it!  This amount will pay for supplies, framing, and the cost of entering the show.
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