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Les Normaux is a ongoing webcomic about a group of supernatural friends living in an alternate version of Paris after a human wizard Sebastien moved to the city.
The comic started in November 2014 as a result of a halloween stream where I drew three spooky couples and started creating stories for them with my now co-writer Al. The comic centers heavily around lgbt+ and poc characters.
We try to keep the stories light-hearted and positive while still celebrating the daily lives of people (and, in this case, monsters), especially with minorities, that don’t get a lot of exposure in the media, through our characters.
hence the title "Les Normaux" meaning "the normals" in French!


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My dream is to become a independent comic creator and with your help I could reach that goal! Les Normaux has been my passion project for 3 years now and I'd love to be able to start updating it regularly after I graduate from my masters! On top of that you'll get cool rewards like patreon exclusive art and early acces to updates!


Im currently still in school working on getting my masters degree so I can be quite busy and as a result I have a irregular update schedule. It doesn't feel right charging you for a month I couldn't update in so I now my Patreon will charge per update. Charging posts is something I manually have to do so I'll make sure you won't be charged more than two times a month. Note that you can also set a maximum pledge in your settings!
I only charge for story updates not for minisodes.


I'm JJ and I'm a 22 year old Dutch artist. I completed my bachelor in illustration at akv|st. Joost in Den Bosch and am currently getting a masters degree in animation. I've been creating webcomics since 2013 and have created multiple stories that you can check out on my Tapas account but Les Normaux remains my favourite! You can always message me on here or one of my socials!

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