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About knightvvv

Hey there, welcome.I'm knightvvv. I am a mod maker, this is my hobby. I've been making game modifications since 2003. My main feature is visual improvement,game balance adjustment,map editing,simple coding/script.I mainly modify the game Heroes of Might and Magic V,Warcraft III,StarCraft Ⅱ,Red alert 3, Fallout 4. If you want some examples of my work, then let me introduce them!

RedAlert3 MOD:Remix(2019.11.13 Published)
This is a mod I made in 2016. It's just an attempt. It hasn't been released publicly. This MOD adds new units from the C&C series. And gives most of the units unique new weapons, skills and visual effects.

Fallout 4 MOD:LoadScreenArt
Not all of my work has been released though. Most of them are only for learning and testing.I don't want to publish the imperfect works.I recently released my work for the first time.A Fallout 4 MOD is called LoadScreenArt. This work is simpler than my other works. I believe that even developing versions will give players a better experience. So I released it in the process of development.
The idea at the beginning of the project is very simple.When you watch the loading screen again and again, you get bored. So I want to add a new loading screen to make it more vivid and changeable.

I hope to get your support here. This will give me more reason and time to develop mod.Your support will give me greater impetus. At the same time, I will also use my work to repay your support as much as possible.

Anyway, I will do my best to continue developing mod.
I hope that in the near future, I can publish other works of mine.

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