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About Hera Caine--Knowledge Key Productions

Knowledge Key Productions is a project done out of the love of making videos. Some days my kids help with things, other days it's just me. I'm currently using a 7lb camera to shoot everything. I love it, but can't wait to get a smaller one to start up vlogging daily!

Right now, I'm serving and hosting at a local restaurant. I'm trying my best to get to where I can support my kids without help from anyone else, but at least the channel is a good distraction for us :) My girls have their own channels and still help with mine too which is nice! I love watching them create. 

I am currently scheduling interviews with local musicians to help them get the word out about their current projects, and am writing several series for my channel including 'Parts of a Whole' which is a roundtable between myself and a few of my more outspoken personality traits, 'Sarah Solomon--Public Defender' which follows the adventures of Sarah Solomon and the not so super 'super villains' she has been assigned to defend in court, 'Cliche Man' which follows Harvey Clicheman and his origin story as a small time vigilante-type hero, along with several other fun and subscriber/follower participation games.

Any help you give my channel will be beyond appreciated and will allow me to continue to do what I love: write and create content. I would love to be able to do it more.  :) 
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$500/month will allow me to focus solely on the channel and its content. 
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