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About Spenser

I make goodies for fantasy RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons for free at koalamo.com. If you like what you see, give me a hand by supporting my work!

My name is Spenser. I've been fascinated with playing and making games of all kinds for as long as I can remember and I find role-playing games and their history particularly fascinating. I subscribe to the belief that an old-school play-style with a collaborative and minimalist ruleset allows more room for creativity to flourish and I build adventure lists, guides, and supplements with that in mind. In the end, it's all about helping friends (like you) have fun telling stories together.

Not only will you get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside for supporting an independent content creator but you'll help to increase the frequency and quality of the content I'm able to put out. In addition, all pledge levels  have access to the patreon exclusive blog where you'll also have early access to everything I make and can help shape the content I create by providing feedback and suggestions directly to me through Patreon.

The adventures and supplements I create are geared towards 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, but could easily be retrofitted to other games (specifically, low level retro D&D games and clones). Want an adventure specifically for Dungeon World, 2E, Labyrinth Lord or some other game? Let me know!
My goal is to create an adventure or supplement about once a month and the content I create will remain free at koalamo.com. I put the effort into making these supplements because it's something I love doing.

No amount is too small! If you have the means to support me, your patronage, regardless of size, shows me that my work is helping people in their gaming lives and goes a long way in helping me to more consistently create goodies for everyone to enjoy.  In addition, Patreon lets you set a maximum pledge amount per month so you never have to worry about paying too much. You can always change or cancel your pledge/reward level later for of us with commitment issues.


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