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About koda

im koda! I'm a 19 y/o student and i absolutely love making things.

This patreon is to help me continue making everything I enjoy! Whether you're here for art or audio, this Patreon serves as an all-in-one support platform. 

Art-tier supporters will be able to have full access to all PSDs, high res artworks, abandoned drafts, and WIPs that I create. These are meant to help you see how I make everything I do! I offer a general, $2 tier for people just wanting occasional WIPs of art and project updates.
I'm currently in school for game design, and I plan to upload whatever games I make during my education, as well as any games I make in my free time. Supporting me on the Art tier will grant you access to all development of these games, as well as the ability to beta test some in the future

Along with art, I've recently started delving into the world of voice acting, specifically, roleplay voice acting! The alias I've used for this work is "KV VA". The outstanding recognition I've gotten after just a few videos has inspired me to keep pursuing it as a hobby, and I'd love to offer rewards to anyone who chooses to support me! Audio supporters will be granted access to high-resolution skits, sneak-peeks of future VA / ASMR videos, and Patron-exclusive videos. Requests from Patrons are always bumped up to Priority level, as well!

I'm also offering a tier for Dual support, for anyone who wishes to be granted access to everything I do!

Thanks for your support, and I'm looking forward to making more content!

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