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Welcome to The Paper Doll Club! 

As a busy mama of 3, I know it’s not always easy to fit creativity into our days but it is so so beneficial for development + managing stress levels! The Paper Doll Club helps nurture gentle creativity and imaginative play on a regular basis in an easy simple way!! It’s a fun + relaxing activity for any age and makes great for DIY gifts/projects!

I am Kody- a stay at home mama of 3 -turned illustrator- from St. Albert, AB Canada.  I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  After having my babies - I was fortunate enough to stay at home with them!!  My journey started out with a New Years resolution to create space in my days for consistent creativity.  Here I was reminded of ‘my people’ I used to draw as a kid- and I unexpectedly discovered a love for drawing/painting these simple, imperfect + whimsical characters.  For the past three years, I’ve taken one step at a time towards building a small sustainable creative business.  The majority of my work has been illustrating custom ink + watercolor portraits.  I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with hundreds of clients all over the world!

 I recently launched my Paper Doll Collection via my Etsy shop where I have a range of characters + outfits available.  I am excited to continue to build their imaginary world.  I started The Paper Doll Club as a way to share a weekly exclusive paper doll sets, as well as, encourage the creativity and imagination I get to see in my followers/clients and their families.  

One of my ideas with The Club- is to theme each month inspired by a popular book/story- but nothing is set in stone - so I am excited to hear what you’d like to see and where our imaginations take us! 

Supporting a creative through Patreon is sorta like giving them a virtual hug, high five or a buying them a cup of coffee.  My patrons help to crowd-fund my journey as an illustrator/maker in exchange for some fun free resources, tutorials + insights that I won’t be sharing anywhere else!  You will become part of my BIG dream of investing my time, skills + heart into creating a children’s picture book full of beautiful watercolor illustrations!

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Thank you for be part of my support community as I dream + design a beautiful paper doll world! Your support will allow me time in my schedule to focus on developing my ideas + sharing them with the world!

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