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Hey there. I'm the Eraser Ninja. I'm clumsy with a blade, a bit better with a gun, better still with a heavy stick, but most proficient with a pencil! The pen is mightier than the sword, but even the pen cannot undo its' mistakes like the infinitely more versatile pencil. Colored pencils, on the other hand, are complete rubbish.

Anyhoo! I'm going to draw comics and fan art. Life does not bow to the whims of my petty plans, and as such, drawing is really the only thing I can count on going right. So, why not just live off of it? I also draw videos now and again, but they're really barebones, so. Not the focus of my work. I have no real interest in animation.

With any luck, I can live the fantasy of doing what I love for a living. My contribution to the human condition will be loyal service to that which I hold most dear; blissful escapism and storytelling. My work may not ever ascend to the heights reached by Star Wars or similar media titans, but I am a wasted husk of a person if I don't bother trying.

I don't believe in paywalls, as I want everyone to be able to see any of my work. I will gladly take donations for my work, but I won't lock it away from non-donators. If you like what I do, send a couple dollars my way. If you don't feel like tossing money at me, that's fine too. People should only pay to see my comics and such if they want to.

Keep up with my Webcomic here!

Also check out my Youtube Channel!
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When I reach 200 buckaroos per month, I will make a video each month!

In the mean-time, anyone supporting me in Patreon will have their name featured at the end of all Youtube videos, made as tributes to appease you heathens.
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