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I will create once a week a brand new Creature.
So you will receive 4 complete Creatures in color and ready to print every month.
It will be based on the tiny creatures that live inside my Brain.
My fellow Patrons and Supporters will receive a PDF file ready for print at A4 format(8.3' x 11.7').
Here are samples of what my Creatures could look like.
Please note - I don't rely on a certain style, I experiment with art and go through different periods.




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About Kokomba's Playground

I draw since 1970.
At first, my drawings were considered not so good. I do understand these guys(my parents), when your walls are covered with doodles in many colors, you start questioning childhood sanity.
At a later stage I become much more confident, and started drawing in the classroom. That ended not so well too, my drawing teacher never understood why I tend to draw things that live mostly in my mind. 
And then I became a worker. 
Then a hospital janitor.
Then a warehouse force.
Only after that I started studying animation at some college.
Then I got a job in a multimedia company developing living books with animations.
Then I became a designer.
Then I became a cartoonist.
Then I became animator.
Then I became a 3d modeler, sculptor, animator, texture creator.
Then I became a video designer, animator, editor, montage etc.
Then I started to work for the Evil Corporation.
For money.

Now, after all that time, I want to become myself again.
I want to return to my roots and do what I do best - create stuff.
You can help me with that.
And I can help you coloring your world with my creations.

I think this can be a beginning of a beautiful friendship..

$0 of $500 per month

I will create short animation movie clip based on preview style below.
It will be a cutout animation with a sketch twist, and the theme will be something important for everyone in the world.
Environment issues, politic issues, common life issues etc.
The movie will be at least a minute long, fully complete with sound.
Patreons will receive the full quality source film in mpeg4 format.

On the next goals there will be an option to customize the videos according to your desired theme.

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