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Do you feel bad for using addblocker? Don't, for now you can pledge 1$ per month and support my passion! You also get a kickass Patron rank on my Discord!
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If you pledge 3$ or more, your name will be on the endscreen (last 20 seconds) of my videos + everything from lower tiers.
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Secure yourself a naming priority when it comes to my new RimWorld series! Join any colony you want, it's all fun and games! + everything from lower tiers.
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Thank you for your interest in Kokoplays YouTube channel!

I'm Koko and I've been creating let's play gaming videos since March of 2015. It has been a rough start, being inexperienced youtuber, but things are going well now after a couple hundred recorded minutes of gameplay.

I upload at least one video every day, most of the day there are two or sometimes even more. They range from short funny videos like my League of Legends fails and plays compilations to longer more serious strategy let's plays (up to 30 minutes) like RimWorld and Europa Universalis 4. There's always something for everyone, I provide helpful tips and tricks for the games I play and try to entertain my viewers. It is a hobby, but it's deeply embeded into my real life as I am currently studying to become a journalist.

I plan to continue providing fun content that can be easily accessed on YouTube for some fun entertainment.
$50 - reached! per month

Reaching this goal will let me afford a camera capable of recording my outdoor activities. Gaming isn't everything and I'd love to share my love for outdoors with everyone!
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