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I'm Kommander Anton. I run two Facebook pages: a self-titled page military enthusiast's blog page, and "I Rate Your're Raifu", for the latter I am much more known for. I post semi-serious, satire, and very cynical ratings of firearms on my second page using information from personal experience and information gathered online. Preferably though, I would like to change that, but the job I have right now cannot afford more firearms. By supporting me, you're allowing some autist on the internet the ability to purchase more firearms and ammunition for those reviews. Ideally, I'll be switching most of this content to YouTube or potential of my content being funnier and more cynical, as well as posting other content like build videos of firearms (FAL and a 1911 are already in mind), innawoods videos, and other skits I have in mind. 

All money earned goes solely to ammunition, firearm parts, tools and equipment, or milsurp. Patreon is an opportunity for me to create content comfortably while also being able to save up for school and pay off bills with my job. 

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I will host a podcast or just record a discussion in Discord while gaming and we'll have a blast talking about guns and whatever.
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