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About Kondeemag

This is just a light novel Translations website page. We just wish for our supporters to support us so that we can keep translating for our wordpress website. We do whatever we can in our free time to give our light novel reading fans what they want exactly to read to the fullest.

Why are we on Patreon?
I just thought my team and I could use some motivation to help speed up our translations. Also, the things is, mainly for myself, my little vice administrator and I don't wanna ask our parents for allowance, plus I'm going to try and use the money to upgrade our website into a premium version, so that it will not have to stay as the free version any longer. Plus I'm kinda looking forward to try and make this hobby into a full time thing in the future, so that we don't have to work at an office job or spend less time translating any series for you guys to read and that you'll get your releases a lot faster than before. So I hope you guys will help us out and make that a dream come true.
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Here to this amount, would be a good start to be able to build our community, and help us use the money to buy more LNs, also most of the money will be shared among my team and it will motivate them to translate even faster. Plus, it would be a good idea if me and my vice administrator won't have to worry about money for the next 4-5 years while we're in college. Plus we will upgrade our website to a premium version of our wordpress.
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