Konnor J. Durante

is creating videos about films and photography
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About Konnor J. Durante

Who are you?

My name is Konnor J. Durante, I am a young photographer who wants to share his voice on this ever-growing network of creators. My friends know me for two major things. I love photography, and I love movies, to me the two go hand and hand! So as a side project I want to start making content involving both of them! Fun stuff like video essays on films and reviews, as well as BTS videos on shoots, opinions on photography topics, and more!

I'm looking forward to where this all takes me and excited to see if people jump on board as well!

If you want to check out my photo work, here's a link to my website! https://kjdurantephoto.com/

Why should I support?

Your support not only lets me know that there is an audience that is dedicated to seeing where my creativity can take me, but it also helps me not have to worry about the more mundane less fun stuff (I.E. Paying Bills, Renting Video Equipment, and other real-world expenses.) 

It also forces me to stay committed and dedicated to you guys and gals. This is something I plan on taking very seriously and I am truly excited to see where this can take me as a young creative! With your support, this can become something bigger than I could possibly imagine! 
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If I can reach $500 a month I will do a video Q&A about myself and how this all came to be and where it's going!
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