Koraly Dimitriadis

is creating raw, honest, insightful writing that pushes boundaries

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Hi there, I am a fierce writer and performer who writes about the migrant experience from a feminist angle. The main aim of my art is that I am trying to help people who don't fit into the mould of society. Being a Patron for me will help me do this.  

I am the author of the poetry book, Love and F**k Poems, the premise is a women fleeing her marriage to find her personal and sexual identity. Many women are raised in communities where they are taught sex is wrong or bad or dirty. These teachings have ramifications on the way we relate in our relationships. 

An anthropologist of sorts, I write lots of articles and have been published in many major media publications in Australia. I am hoping to extend that to America this coming year. I am extremely determined and I don't let hurdles get in my way. I have been pursuing my art for the last eight years and I enjoy it. There is nothing else I would rather be doing. 

You can find more on my art on my website www.koralydimitriadis.com

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Publish my next poetry book: Just Give Me The Pills. This is a story of a woman trapped in her marriage and culture and her struggle to find the bravery to claim her life as her own. I would be publishing through my own publishing label, Outside The Box Press. 
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