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About KorbeArt

Hello wonderful art loving people! Would you like to earn art as a reward while helping a late-coming emerging artist along in her success? If so, I appreciate your consideration of patronage and I hope we can begin an exciting journey together! 
A bit about me:
I grew up in the desert of New Mexico and then the plains of Oklahoma before settling in in Colorado in 2000. After some tumultuous events early in life, I focused largely on creating a stable existence and nurturing a successful career over the last couple of decades.
In early 2016, I was growing increasingly restless and began painting as an outlet. I realized an unexplored passion and I couldn't stop once I started. As I continued to experiment, I realized that others were taking note and were interested in acquiring pieces of my art. This encouraged me to pursue painting as something more than a hobby. I took the leap and left my 9 - 5 job in December of 2016.  I am currently supplementing my income with a more flexible (but not necessarily lucrative) pursuit of odd jobs. 
As a self-taught artist, my inspirations come from a combination of natural and urban environs, as well as subconscious musings. I work with both acrylic and oil paint, often using a unique technique that involves cold wax medium and oils.  
Painting sales have been better than I could have anticipated and encouraging enough to  validate my pursuit. However, while I work to acquire more exposure and increase sales enough to be a self sustaining artist, your support is invaluable! Please consider this opportunity to earn art as a reward and to help me achieve the next level and truly emerge as a successful artist. 
Check my website to learn more. 
Sincerest Thanks!
$9 of $600 per month
$600 would cover my studio rent. It would certainly boost my confidence and really back up my decision to pursue this full time! Side gigs might still be necessary, but breathing will be a lot easier!
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