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For all who want to say little more than just words.
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I am a 44 year old gamer from Latvia, big science fiction fan as long as I can remember. I used to play a lot of games in early 90s starting with laser squad, original elite, kings bounty, warlord, sid meier's pirates, dune 2, command and conquer, old x-com, wing commander, privateer etc. Now I prefer survival and/or space games from 1st person perspective, I really prefer 1st person view over 3rd person. 

I like to create youtube videos and different eBooks regarding games - from calendars, newsletters to guides, you can download them all here: All my eBook creation including Pilot's Guide for Elite:Dangerous which was downloaded almost 1 million times.
Latest creation is regarding Dual Universe:Things to know about Dual Universe which I made to drop on my friends and recruit them join my organization Space Forgers
I will be streaming, creating video content and eBooks depending on your interest and support.

Why support me? There are limited hours every day that I can spend on content but if you support me it will shift my time spent earning money towards time spent on community content, so if you like what I am doing just support me and show me that you care!
Thank you all!
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Any creator wants to feel appreciated. This would be the first step in that direction, also it would cover my basic expenses and allow to invest slightly more time into my creations.
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