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Smallest blood vessels in human body, but essential for life.
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We're going bigger, blood vessels that connect arteries and capillaries.
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Biggest blood vessels in human body. They supply the whole body with oxygen and nutrients.




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About Kosinsky93

At first I though I might do some movie or TV show reviews, but then again everyone is doing that, so what makes me think I'd be better at then them. Then I thought I might share stories from my life, but that would be quite boring, could be interesting if I'd share hospital stories, but theres that pesky doctor-patient confidentiality, so thats a no. After few days, it hit me, why not combine pleasure and pain? Well, business, but it's the same really. I could write up what I studied that day, like a summary. It is a win-win, I get to sum it all up once again, and you get a little insight into the world of medicine and human body.
Also, little side note. English is not my primary language, so I do apologize if I make mistakes. I'll try to reduce them as we go along.
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Let's start slow and see where this is going.
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