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About SailorChiMoon (KotoneSound)

Heyo! SailorChimoon (KotoneSound) here, owner of the YouTube channel of the same name! The reason I'm starting this Patreon is because I'm starting to spread my musical options and abilities out more and more. I've started to write music more effectively and I want to create ways to share it fairly with the world! VSQx(s) and original music are my main point in terms of what I can offer. Due to issues with my last job, I have significantly lost quite a bit of income, so I decided to throw together a Patreon and hope for the best. MY CONTENT WILL ALWAYS BE FREE TO LISTEN TO. THIS IS ONLY FOR LITTLE BONUSES!
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Honestly, this is a big goal for me! Considering how little I see myself doing, it means a lot to hit this goal. From this point. I can start commissioning artists to help me make my music even MORE exciting and increase the quality! (Honestly, I can't do everything)
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