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is creating Gaming Videos, Memes, and much more!
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About KO Zone

Narrator: Stage is set, lights are checked 3.. 2... 1.. ACTION
KO Zone: Hey Guys!
Everyone: Ugh probably another casual YouTuber.. Anyways Introduce Yourself
KO Zone: Im KO a 14 year old YouTuber that creates Meme Videos, How To's, and much more
Everyone: So just like every YouTuber??
KO Zone: No I actually make good videos
Everyone: What makes them good then?
KO Zone: I actually put passion into recording and editing
Everyone: What Video editor do you use??
KO Zone: Windows movie maker..
Everyone: You've got to be kidding me...
KO Zone: Yes Im Kidding... I use Adobe Premiere CC 19 
Everyone: Phew.
Narrator: 20 Minutes Pass and everyone checks KO's videos and think their awesome
Everyone: KO your videos are really cool we all subscribed and donated $1
KO Zone: Thank you! I really appreciate your donation and thank you for your subscription
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