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About Kraezy

I'm above the average age of your modern day gamer (38), being married with 2 children I tend to find myself enjoying games a lot more now I've hung up my competitive boots and play more at a placid pace.

I've been on the gaming scene for the past 20 years, predominantly playing MMO's but have a fad for FPS games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty.
Having been heavily involved with World of Warcraft and pretty much achieveing most accoldades I'd set out to achieve such as High Warlord PVP rank and several server and EU first kills i then moved onto FFXIV:ARR for 2 years and pretty much repeated this process, unfortunately the game lacked content.

Been on and off with WoW for the past few years dipping my toes into other genres and having a blast but ultimately I always come back to WoW.