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Kraken Framework was being developed for over 2 years. In order to make and asynchronous and distributed programming in PHP a thing. No longer you have to worry about async architecture, read multiple manuals on the subject or compare pros and cons of integrating multiple vendor libraries. Kraken saves you the time and gives you new opportunities.

Kraken escalates your application to the whole new level, and is absolutely free!

To ensure future development and improving the documentation, we need your donation.

Whether you are architect which benefits from Kraken, or developer who gets advices from our forums, if you like Kraken, please make a donation of 1, 5, 15, 40 $ or more. Any amount is fine. Support us, so we can give it back to you in the form of beautiful, yet powerful code.

Thank you!
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Help us pay for electricity bills we generate while working on the framework imporvements and bugfixes ! :)
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