is creating hope in people around the world through Art (photography)

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I will have a website for dedicated patrons that will teach you photoshop and how I prepare my photoshoots and take photos. for example interviews videos of me photoshopping so tutorials and behind the scenes footage.




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I am on a mission, I want to go around the world
to places that have had tragedy occur in the communities. 
I want to help them see the beauty in nature, in the world, and in people
I want to do this using Art as a form of rehabilitation,
specifically Photography. 

Moldova is one location I wish to visit, it's the poorest country in
Russia and has a huge Trafficking problem, daughters get sold to this industry
by their parents. There are places in Kishna or Moldova that help rescue these beautiful souls from that industry. My goal when visiting is to teach them art to help them rehabilitate and see the beauty in the world again. 

I don't want this to be a one time thing so I require funds and people who believe in my mission to help me get around the world to help introduce art to people who have been delt a horrible hard. I allow you to live vicariously through me to see how you've improved peoples lives. I will have constant updates as to how my mission is going for each trip. And what place I'll visit next, and what problems occur in that community.

Video to come soon:
Professional photography instagram: @kreativek_photography
traveling art instagram: @wordlyrehab

if your interested in donating directly to me you can go to @wordlyrehab will have videos of me talking about my trip how its going and who I'm helping.

$0 of $250 per month
this is to see if I am first able to make little trips to communities closer, after I am sure I can get farther with your help and contributions then I'll be able to take the big steps.
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