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About Nathan Krifdom dance

Hey there lovely human!

I am a super duper creative person that loves spreading happiness and positivity,
My main outlet is dance and I wish to become a professional after uni (which I will hopefully get into!) 
You can check out my facebook/Insta @krifdomdance to see some vids/photos I've put on there and my YouTube is
If you wish to pledge to me that would be INSANE and in the future, I will work out how I can give back to anyone who pledges

thank you!

Nathan K

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you buy me food which is greatly appreciated!!!
Fabric qveens
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Money from you guys will go towards costumes and anything fabric related really, so thank you!
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Money from you will go towards equipment like camera stuff and set/props, stuff like that!
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When I reach 100 patrons, I will make a special video to thank you all! With dance and love and omg, Idk what it will be, but I will make it good!
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