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I enjoy tech and hopefully one day when I grow this is what I will do. And Yes, I am only 11. I enjoy telling  stories, discuss my opinion, and talking about tech toys. I love working with the audience to make the show better and more productive for you. I want to provide value. If you enjoy show please consider pitching in.  I cover costs with contributions from friends, family and doing chores, but I would love for the shows I produce to become self-sufficient.  If subscribers and listeners gave a nickel a show, that's $1 a month, it would allow me to purchase the equipment I really need and grow the show to the point where I can have valuable guests. Give 25 cents a show, or $5 a month, and the show can really grow and get better. 

This is only one of the ways you can help. Sending in emails about tech stories, telling your friends about the show, just listening and emailing are other ways if you can't afford a nickel. But if you can, I hope you'll consider backing me. i am confident we can succeed together. Thanks for helping me make a great show.
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This averages about 25 cents a show, you're quarter-backer! You will be included in our thank you list, and add your name to a special backer area of the site.
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