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About Kris The XV

I'm Kris
I can read Tarot and Oracle, and I love helping other people mentally
So that's why I started to make pick-a-card reading on Youtube
I love drawing and creating artwork also. I have a Tarot deck that I've made with other people's artwork (for education only). And I'm working on a Tarot that I've illustrated with AI. I hope that one day, I can show it to everybody ^^
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For everyone who love my pick-a-card reading on YouTube and want to donate to keep it going.
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For anyone who's interested in my Tarot Artwork and want to support me as an artist. Free giveaway artwork will occur once a month for 3 people selected by chance

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Special offers for anyone who resonates with me. You'll get to see my Tarot Artwork and my Monthly Reading for the collective (which is not available for the public). Free reading giveaway once a month.

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