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is creating esoterically inaccessible and ridiculous content.
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Hand Made Letter with Kristi Kosmo's Famous Rorschach Ink Blot
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I am famous for my homemade psychological assessments, also known as "Rorschach tests" that I make with paint and some creative folding. You will get a handwritten letter, believe me, I tend to write more than less, as I am a writer. You might even receive some psychological inventories and scales of how I am feeling that particular day, maybe a little more than you bargained for!
Personalized Video Just For You!
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When you pledge $30 you get a personalized video made just for you. I tend to talk more and go on the lengthier side, so you will definitely get all that you bargained for. Who knows what creative juices will be flowing that day, so it will be quite the unexpected surprise!
Access to the Most Ridiculous Dance Video Ever Made
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When you pledge $50, you will be rewarded with exclusive access to witness some of the worst, or best, depends on how you look at it, dancing you have ever seen. I have a passion for dancing very poorly to dirty Southern rap music and other genres I have a particular affinity for.



About Kristi Kosmo


I want to thank anyone that comes on this ridiculous, unexpected, and at times, nerve-wracking ride with me. I have always been driven to create humor, create stories, and create laughter, with my own words and imagination. I started making YouTube videos back in 2006, but over time as I grew up and became an "adult", I had to rethink how I spent most of my time, as I was not exactly catapulted into fame and riches.

Now, while "attempting to actually be an adult", I have wanted to create again. I hope that you can laugh at me, laugh with me, or you can at least relate to some of the things that I rant and rave about.

I want to thank you for your support, in helping me do what I love to do. With your support I can evolve my content over time, into something much greater. But, I can't do it without your support.

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