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Do you want to live in a world where you feel yourself as part of nature, of the cosmos, of a great, loving, intelligence? Do you want humans to learn to live in harmony with the Earth and remember that we are created from and an integral part of Her?

Embodiment is the way we remember who we are. Not being ‘in’ a body, but living as an embodied human being on this Earth. The body is the Soul’s expression as form.
This is my specialty: I support, guide, and mentor people to embody their Souls, care for their bodies, connect with the natural wisdom we all have – through our human bodies.
I offer classes and individual sessions that can help you remember how to find your own answers, live more naturally, and feel your self as part of nature, no matter where you are.
I draw upon astrology, yoga, Ayurveda and other traditional wisdom in my work. As part of my unique blend of skills and experience, I carry the energy of the mountains: solid, grounded, calm (and more than a little wild).
My Soul’s service is to guide you back to your innate wisdom and connection with the Earth and Cosmos, through the old ways of listening to the world around you: plants and planets, trees, the Earth Herself.

I also want to live in a world in which I am supported to do my Soul's work of reconnecting people with themselves as an integral part of a vast and beautiful world. Enter Patreon as a way for me to go beyond the old model of burnout and exhaustion that marks the way I earned my living in the past and was aiming for, again, until I saw a way in which teaching, writing, guiding, creating could be a community-supported endeavor. Your support, too, allows me to give more freely to those that want and will benefit from my work but have limited resources to compensate me. Rather than the exchange being simply one-to-one, we become a community supporting each other.

After a couple of decades in corporate-world, trying to play by the rules that didn't and don't fit most people let alone women, I left, burned out and fed up with myself as much as anything. I made a couple of pilgrimages to India; lived alone in a mountain cabin; started and ended a natural medicine clinic; spent my savings and retirement funds on classes and healers and life; and most of all, re-created myself. I reclaimed my feminine self after a lifetime of tomboyhood; studied Ayurveda and yoga; and discovered a passion for and familiarity with astrology as an incredible language of spiritual guidance. I moved home to the Montana mountains to reclaim intimacy with the Earth in a place I've know since childhood. 

Now, it's time to create. 

I am posting regularly on the blog on my personal website, I teach yoga, self-care and astrology to my local community of Livingston, Montana. I offer embodiment and Soul guidance sessions to individuals both in person and online or by phone. I'm working on a spiritual memoir recounting how a child of the military and patriarchy reclaims her connection to nature, and herself as a woman.

No matter if or how you choose to support me financially, I appreciate the fact you have read this far, found me here, looked at my page. 

By supporting me you support my vision of human beings living in integrity with their bodies and souls and the natural world around them; you support me in finding a new way through this world of entrepreneurship that does not involve pyramid schemes or over-promising or shaping myself and my words to outside expectations. You support one woman's journey and the impact it has on the world - seen and unseen. 


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