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About Kristine Levine

I'm Kristine Levine.  I'm a stand-up comedian.  I have cool ideas, funny jokes and lots of things I want to create and share with you!  I have always gone hand-in-hand with my audience and, in fact, it is a fan who encouraged me to make a profile on Patreon.  Not just a fan, man, that dude is a friend now.  He emails me these wonderful ideas to keep my comedy going.  That is a real friend, even though I've never met him.  So I asked him what can I do for him?  Pretty much, he just doesn't want me to give up.  

So here I am not giving up!  I dream about doing a new podcast!  I had a wonderful podcast with my kids called Levine Large and it was hilarious. I know I'm biased but ASK someone who heard it!  I miss it.  I want to talk to people about their stories, their tragedy and I want to hear how funny it is to them!  Turning darkness into light IS alchemy.  That's real magic.  .  

I have another album I need to put out.  Which means I have to try out all this new material and make sure it's good enough.  I need to keep writing and to keep writing means I need to have the electricity on to keep my computer working. I'm already on my neighbors internet so I'm cutting corners where I can! (EDIT: My neighbor passed away so now I'm using my phone as a hotspot)  

Mom always told me to write a book. I want to write BOOKS.  About my life, about my 14 years at the porn store, about my time in Cairo, about my husbands leaving me, about my 20 years in comedy, and I'm working on one book now about all the dead people I've found.  I want to write.   I don't have any time because it feels like I'm always putting out fires.  Anyway, I have started writing some things and I would like to keep going.  If you know anyone who would like to work a book deal with me, I got ideas!   

I want to make an animated show about the porn store.  

I made a tv Pilot with my friend Jessa Reed.  It's called, Life is Ass.  WHO WOULDN'T WATCH A SHOW CALLED LIFE IS ASS!?  I have many more scripts I need to write.

My point is, I have no other purpose for being on this planet except to create things for people to laugh at or think on.  I live to make you happy.  Nothing will bring me more joy than to make things that will entertain you and (if I do it right) inform you. 
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