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About Kristi Zhauun

Together we create stories 
I always got lost in my own daydreams. They kept me sane in my darkest moments and nourished my willpower. That‘s why I decided to share my stories with other souls so they can explore these fantasy worlds, feel compassion with our villains and grow with our heroes. Only with you reading my manga, it breathes and becomes alive.

The passion
Currently I dedicate myself to When The Mountains Cry — a dark fantasy tail in which the past and the present seem to shatter a bond of close friends. This deep manga is highly inspired by Balkarian culture, but still remains an eerie atmosphere throughout the series. Dark stories just make me so happy!

My surrealistic paintings and drawings are my poems — only visualized. With every piece my mind pours out, I hope that the viewer becomes a part of it.

A little step
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