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Get artwork every month of characters coming in the comic "One Day at a Time". Be prepared to start collection art! Also, seeing the comics. No one else can, until after a month of release.
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About Kritik

I am a simple streamer, with an outside life too, surprisingly. I make comics. Well, specifically one comic. Based on the adventures of a streamer on Twitch, Oakdarknessgaming (OakieDokie), within the world of DayZ, this focuses on him and about his adventures, who he meets, who he must take down, and dealing with the inevitable deaths that may ensue. More may come later.


Slowly creating a second comic, targeted towards what it's like to be a young adult and/or teenager, so, simple things, like attitude, unfortunate things and just stuff that people of a younger age can really relate to while not having to cringe.

Comic's are now on hold, as I am working and trying to get everything together.

Enjoy the artwork that comes, of characters coming in the comic, and custom drawings...
$0 of $1,000 per Art
See this as uncapped. No actual goal is intended. I just wanna do this for fun, not make a massive profit.

Thanks for your generosity, I appreciate your assistance to the comics and artwork, though.
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