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Hello. Call me Hue. I’m a young artist living in Michigan struggling to get by. Since most of my income goes towards my family, I never really could save up for anything super nice like a desktop or drawing tablet, but with this patreon, maybe I could have these nice things one day and hopefully I won’t have to give up on any of my dreams. Thank you for reading. All of my art is done with just my finger and a cracked phone screen haha. I also draw traditionally so if you donate to my patreon, you’ll have access to some of my old drawings! These are very personal ones so you get to see them one by one in the tiers!
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I looked around on amazon since they seem more trustworthy, and I found a really nice tablet that looks actually obtainable if i get the help I need. This is the link to it so you can see what my first goal is! Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit
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