is creating anime communism done right
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About krugman420

Commie Gamer Krugman here. I host a good and clean (read: safe and fun) leftist vidya strim on Twitch. My strengths include being outrageously good at Japanese (JLPT N1 since 2005), quick at learning Chinese, non-problematic in tone and substance (big claim!), and somehow a thesis away from MBA. I leverage these CoRe CoMpETenCieS to create unique and refreshing shite to blow away your stale memes and rhetoric. Come relax in a friendly nonsectarian environment, and tell me what you'd like to see next.

Watch a VOD to see how it all plays out:

Lastly, a link to My Home page, cos Web 1.0 is actually good. Hosting my transliterations and translations of Japanese and Chinese games, and maybe some articles in the future.
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I already started doing the private strims, so my next goal is to think of a new one :D
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