is creating Dumb Source Filmmaker Cartoons
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Base Boys and Girls Club
per month
You will gain access to the base set of rewards just for pitching in a dollar!

  • Your name in the credits of my animations and videos
  • Access to early clips and renders of what I'm working on before they're uploaded to my channel.
  • An invite to private channels in my Discord channel
Includes Discord rewards
Suggestion Box
per month
Not a raffle. Absolutely no gambling here.

You can send me a suggestion for an SFM poster, or short animation. Every month I'll pick two to three suggestions and make it live on stream for all to see, and publish it on my Social media accounts.


It can be any of the following

A poster involving 1-to-2 characters

A short animation loop or .gif

A short video (if based on audio, please include a link)

In addition, you also get the rewards in the previous tier.

Includes Discord rewards
File Founder
per month
At this tier, I'll send you all a .zip file with the .dmx file for may animations, as well as any and all assets used in it.

You will also receive the rewards from the previous tiers!




per month

About Krunkidile

Hello! I'm Krunkidile. I'm an animator on YouTube who created 3D comedy videos using Valve's Source Filmmaker. Some of my work includes the "Team Service Announcement" series, "CARTOON HORSE PROGRAM!!", and "Quest of the Demoknight Final Level Playthrough" which was nominated for "Best Comedy in the Second Annual Saxxy Awards.

I'v enjoyed making content for YouTube for about five years now and would like to expand to creating bigger and better things, as well as more of the same content you've enjoyed in the past. With your support, I can commission voice actors, asset creators and more to make more long form and scripted content like "CARTOON HORSE PROGRAM!!" and the "Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour Scout" series.

With your support I'll be able to make more juicy content for you. Every little bit helps!
$49 of $300 per month
At this point, I'd be able to commission voice actors and asset creators without having to take out of my own funds for rent, food and utilities. I could almost freely commission people as I need.
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