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About Krysten Kaladkarin

Why #HitchhikeHalfTheWorld?

In my months of travel, I discovered that hitchhiking brings people together. Hitchhiking leads you to spontaneous adventures you would never snag on a paid tour and allows you to meet and connect with kind, helpful locals who are like no other. My hitchhiking adventures have given me the best memories of my life, from celebrating an annual festival with tribes in a secluded mountain village in Myanmar to spending a week of enlightenment in a Lama's monastic house in Tibet. Hitchhiking gives you the most vibrant stories on the road and allows you to immerse in each country's culture by being with its people. Each time you lift your thumb or wave at passing vehicles on the road is a surprise, and most of the time, a good one. 

Why travel with very little money? 

It's because you don't need A LOT of it. Prior to my travels, I was supposed to become a lawyer and get a good paying job in a newspaper or magazine. I had a comfortable life and a bright future ahead of me, but I realized I wasn't cut out for it, so I dropped everything and searched for happiness. I found it in simplicity and absolute freedom---hitchhiking, walking, camping, staying with locals, Couchsurfing and ex-deals. I found it outside the societal pressure to earn money and measure productivity, and I've never been at home my whole life.

Additionally, I come from the Philippines, a beautiful tropical country with weak local currency and meager wages. A low-income salary from a first world country is equivalent to a decent-paying job in the Philippines. As a freelancer, clients have also become pickier, selecting remote workers with a lower rate, hiring with underpaid salaries and treating us as cheap labor

I want to prove that travel can be and should be for everybody, not only those who can afford it. I want to be able to travel despite the financial difficultires by using my skills, my strategies and my highly positive attitude to learn more about the world and its people. After all, money is not the only currency in the world. 

Krysten Kaladkarin is a travel blog with a mission: presenting testaments of human kindness to show people that the world is a good place filled with good people, regardless of race, gender, religion, ability, appearance or socioeconomic status. Despite what we've been lead to believe, we are connected by similar threads---emotions, traditions, stories, passions, the struggle for equal rights, among others.

.As the Filipino word kaladkarin suggests, we shouldn't shut down possibilities and say 'yes' to everything worth exploring, especially when it challenges what we already know and what we grew up with. Krysten Kaladkarin is not only the musings of a solo female traveler who's going around the world on foot and by hitchhiking. It's a blog that changes perspectives, breaks down stereotypes, tells the stories of the unheard, and inspires people to go embark on their own journeys, be it on or off the road. 

Why I use Patreon

For quite some time, Krysten Kaladkarin has gained visibility on Facebook. My story has been featured in several local sites such as TripZilla, Young Star and When in Manila. I've received messages and read comments from women who have started traveling on their own, from viewers who wish me safety as they acquire new budget-saving travel tactics from my trip, and most importantly, from people who have begun to believe that humanity is not dead yet and that kindness in the world abounds. 

I would like to reach more people with the advocacies I carry by expanding to a more in-depth platform. I would like to be able to change the world in my own simple way while doing what I love the most.

I would also like to continue my journey to cross continents without paying for transportation and barely spending on accommodation, but there are some things I cannot avoid paying such as visa costs. As a Philippine passport holder, I can only access a limited number of countries visa-free, and as the road leads further from home, visa requirements pile up along with my uncertainty to enter a country. This journey can also use a hand in acquiring a safety net for unforeseen circumstances and in obtaining or upgrading outdoor equipment. 

I'm in Patreon because I want to start a blog with domain and hosting and maintain it in the years to come. I would also like to be able to boost my social media audience with interactive promotions. To create better content, I would also like to have better equipment, which could really put my journalism school skills to a test. 

On the road, I would like to be able to afford a travel insurance, as this lifestyle doesn't come without risks. I would also appreciate it if I had some cash on the side for emergencies and necessary expenditures. I'm also saving up for a solar panel, which saves me from the pain of constantly worrying about my phone's battery life and allows me to spend more time basking in nature. 

I would also like to be able to cover visa expenses,  from fees to necessary hostel / hotel stays (or registration purposes) to invitation letters to reapplications in case things don't work out on first try. 

As much as I need and want all these, I can't afford all this, especially with my average salary and my dream to set aside some money for my family and future back home. 

This where you and Patreon come in. Patreon paves the way for #HitchhikeHalfTheWorld to become a reality together with your help.

As a member, you can receive a personally curated postcard or you can have it sent to someone you love and care about. You can also receive a heartwarming or motivating message from me on the back of the postcard, which makes for a good birthday present or a simple, unexpected pick-me-up. (Don't worry, your secrets would be safe with me!) Besides postcards, you can also get stickers and wanderlust-inspired bracelets, just like the ones I carry with me. 

Besides gaining access to my Patreon-only feed, you also catch up with me and my adventures and meet the amazing locals I'm spending my time with when we sit down for a Patreon-only livestream. 

If you're feeling really generous, you can even get your own inspiring story featured on Krysten Kaladkarin, proving that kindness isn't only limited or found on the road. 

Thank you so much for hearing me out! Continue being a blessing to others and keep sending sunshine to the lives of the people around you.

I hope you'll support my dreams of bringing a message of solidarity across the world. I may be small, and at the end of the day, societal change can't be done alone, but I know my stories can live on forever, creating ripples of positivity and sparking the change that we need to see in our world today. 

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