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My Pika-Pals are always ready to jump into the the fray and keep the positive-environment alive, something desperately needed in this destructive society.

The Pika-Pals and above not only get early access to the content and get featured in my "Your Review" series. 

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These are the loyal royals who command the earth and moon with love & purity, or you know honesty.

This tier and above get to be named at the end of the video on screen or by me & get access to my pod-fic bloopers.

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Dark Jedi
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These Force Masters know both the Light & Dark and can wield both sides with a calm mind and passionate heart.

This tier and above gets to provide ideas and suggestions for future reviews and reactions (within provided guidelines)

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About KrZDragon

You probably came here from one of my other profiles and I try to update online at least once a month; videos thrice a month and a fic once a month.
 I'm a college student that loves using my voice and words to celebrate the wonderful things in life. One of my favorite activities is to game or read, and that's were this page comes into.
Thank you for coming here, it means so very much to me and thank you so much for any support provided.

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