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Morning Commute: Dark Roast, Drip
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I will put 1 sugar and 1.5 creams into this super helpful contribution to my work day. Thank you!
Morning Commute: Flate White? Fancy!
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I solemnly swear to put nothing into this super helpful and delicious contribution to my work day. I thank you! My local cafe tip jar also thanks you.
Tuija's Cute for Cookies
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Once a month, you'll be the only person tagged with our thanks in a photo of #TuijaSisu being cute for cookies via @theksavo on Instagram. That's a thank you  seen by more than 20k IGers!




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Hello, welcome, and thank you for dropping by! Through this page you can put a dollar or two into my account. Your support as a patron gives me more time to spend creating images to share with art patrons like you via @theksavo on Instagram. I do sell prints of my images, but this page at Patreon is a way for you to contribute to my creative process at less cost than ordering a framed print. Tuija Sisu the Great Dane and I appreciate your support! 

Once upon a timeI worked in Toronto's digital marketing scene. After a few years of building myths around brands of soap, cereal, and financial services, I realized that I wanted my work life to contribute something of deeper integrity, greater value to society. So, after swishing around in lagoons of contract work for while, I took one last look at my savings account, and asked a university if I could come study community service there. Three years later and I'm nearly done a professionally accredited undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University. I'll be back in the working world within two years, this time with the greater good as my guide. In the meantime, it's student loans, part time jobs, and the generous contributions of people like you. 
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My first goal is to turn #TuijaSisu's IG likes into kibble through the generosity of people like you! Help feed the cutest, most sweet hearted, voraciously appetite'd Great Dane around!
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