Kelsey Stella

is creating Art, Webcomics, Videos, Animation, 3D textures, and VFX.

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        Hey there! My name is Kelsey and welcome to my Patreon page! I make a bunch of things from YouTube videos to webcomics. I love being creative and making people laugh or smile, so if you're here to have a good time you've definitely come to the right place. 

        What I'm hoping to do for all of you is to give you a look inside the worlds I'm creating and my own life exclusive to Patreons only. There's absolutely no pressure at all to give a certain amount. Any support from anyone is absolutely appreciated and means the absolute world to me that you give me anything including your time and money. 

        I'm hoping to create an absolutely fun and chill place here for you all and I hope you're ready to go on this journey with me (I absolutely am not emotionally ready and I'll just be a weeping mess in the back because y'all are the best).

        Future plans:
        Unfortunately I'm not able to straight up do everything that I would love to do for you all whether it's due to lack of certain tech or lack of time. So eventually there will be streams available. There is no set day for this one, but just know that it's most definitely planned because I'd love to hang out with all of you in the Patreon stream and in the regular stream. 

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