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For an initial pledge of $1 per month, if you choose, I'll sign you up to receive our KTF Monthly Newsletter that will be emailed to you every month (if you are not already receiving it). In it, I create a short video highlighting all of the latest KTF news such as new releases, projects we're working on, or updates that you should be aware of. Also, with every newsletter, I write a personal article of what God is doing in my life as it applies to the ministry, what he has been teaching me and the Christian walk in general. 
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For an initial pledge of $5 per month, if you choose, I'll enter you in both of our free Christian CD Giveaways. Every month, we give away 3 CDs for viewers of our "Christian Music Videos" television show and 1-3 CDs to our "Christian Music Videos" Facebook audience. (lower pledge reward included)
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For an initial pledge of $10 per month you will become an "Official KTF Productions Supporter". As such, if you choose, as a thank you, you will appear in the credits of every KTF Video News Brief sent out each month with the KTF Monthly Newsletter. (lower pledge rewards included)




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Thank you for considering to support the ministry!

KTF Productions has a two-fold mission: first and foremost, to reach those who have yet to know Christ and secondly, to glorify Jesus in ways that encourage, challenge and shine a light on our Savior. We do this by creating a variety of video, audio, and print materials with the purpose of revealing Christ in a way that is exciting and powerful, encouraging viewers to pursue a relationship with Him. As for the productions created by KTF, the message of Jesus Christ is clearly presented. Movies, cartoons, music videos, talk shows, documentaries, promotions, Christian PSAs, podcasts, and a variety of other Christian productions are created for TV broadcast, DVD distribution, internet streaming/download and public screenings. Finally, KTF seeks to make productions available, free of charge, to enable believers and unbelievers to hear the word of our Lord without hinderance. If you would like to help us in this endeavor, please consider becoming a patron of the ministry. Everyone at KTF Productions volunteer their time, so 100% of a your donation goes back into the ministry of creating and sharing Christian media. Your support can be on-going or one-time, but even if you are only able to give $1, it is greatly appreciated. And since KTF Productions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donations could be tax deductible.

Where will the money go?

Every dollar goes back into the ministry of making and sharing Christian productions. Funds will allow us to produce more creative and complex productions and will also enable these productions to be seen in more places, all free to the audience. 

Why should you support KTF Productions?

Each person's "why" might be different. Maybe you were touched by the ministry and want to show your support. Maybe you can see how God can, and is, using this ministry to touch lives and you want to play a part. Maybe you'd like to help us cast the net a bit further in the "fishing of men". Whatever your "why", thank you! Even $1 a month can help make a difference.

Visit our webpage, subscribe to our youtube channel, and like us on facebook!
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If we can reach pledges totaling $100 per month that would make the Christian Music Videos television series self-sustaining! This would mean that the show would be 100% supported by people like you! And to celebrate meeting that milestone, I will work on a new show open for the series! 
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