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Cabin Boy
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Not everyone can support a lot, but even one dollar can help. You can get one free line art drawing with this support, and watch me draw it, so it's just how you like it.
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You could help lift the sails of this ship, getting me started on my journey to a better more financially secure goal. With your help you will be rewarded a colored commission, completely free and get to watch me draw it, so it is just to your liking.
First Mate
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A Mate is apprentice, learning the ways of the gunner, cook and other important crew members to better the journey. As First Mate you get a Private Lesson, with tips and tricks. While I am not a professional, I do believe I have learned many things over the year that can help.




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I am the Art pirate! Fear me! My hand was replaced with a pencil, my eye was replaced with a camera, for ultimate drawing capability, I will aggressively love the art by my crew.
But in all seriousness, I am an art student, constantly trying to improve my art as well as encourage other young artist. I have little to my name, and a million ideas that I am attempting to cultivate from my dreams and into reality. Support is needed though, so that I can afford my college, as well as programs. I am willing to take advice, and willing to give it if necessary. 
$0 of $450 per month
This is to buy a new, decent drawing tablet as my old one is at the moment falling apart. I've had my older Wacom for about five years, the buttons are falling out, and the stylus is glitching and jumping. I love it, but it may be time to update my drawing experience for future art pieces. This could help increase commission production and story production.
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