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It's been five years since the momentous conception of the award-winning Kulturecast. We've come a long way since from just two guys wondering what the hell was going on with Isabelle Adjani in Possession. Since then, we've interviewed countless folks in the industry and expanded to bringing you faithful listeners the Kulturecast twice a week. 

All of this comes at a time cost, however. We spend two days out of the week, not necessarily the weekend, editing the Kulturecast. On top of that, it takes countless man hours to reach out to agents and publicists across Hollywood along with recording interviews. Expenses are just part of the equation for bringing you the Kulturecast. If you can help us with some of those costs, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hosting Fees

Word Press does our hosting not just for the Kulturecast but also Kulture Shocked as a whole and that runs us about $120/year. 

Reaching out to the great folks in Hollywood costs us money on Skype which runs about $100/year for a calendar year. 

IMDb Pro
Finding those email accounts for interviews isn't free surprisingly which requires us to have an IMDb Pro account. IMDb Pro isn't cheap, frankly, it's the most expensive thing we use, costing us about $130/year.

Since we attempt to exude professionalism, we use corporate Gmail accounts when reach out to the interviewees. Along with Gmail, we also use the Google Drive to store our raw audio files for the podcasts and any other documents we use to bring you the Kulturecast. All and all the total is about $50/month


Patreon excises a percentage from what you give us so we need to be a tad bit higher than what we expected to meet our monthly goal of $150.
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After tabulating all the fees and adding them together, we determined that $150 would put us at our monthly goal that would help us run the Kulturecast.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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