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Your help in the kitchen is much appreciated. To reward you for helping Kuma's Kitchen to keep bringing out original recipe episodes, you'll get access to a plethora of exclusive, interesting, and helpful videos and other posts here at Patreon:  
  • Kitchen Tech – Learn how we do things at Kuma's Kitchen to make cooking easy and successful.  
  • Focus on Ingredients – Get a close look at what ingredients are used in Kuma's Kitchen and how they're selected.  
  • Interviews – Get the lowdown from interviews with chefs, cooks, vendors, selected Kuma's Kitchen members, and others involved with food and cooking.  
  • Osaka Foodie Time – Discover foods and cool food places in the foodie capitol of Japan  
  • Shopping with Kevin – Tag along as Kevin goes shopping in local markets, specialty food stores, and a real cool street dedicated to restaurant equipment.  
  • Slices of Life – Find out what makes Kevin Riley tick and what he's doing when not in the kitchen (hint: it involves bears, mountains, camouflage, coffee shops, and much more).  
  • What Went Wrong? - Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid nasty surprises in your kitchen.  
  • Your Own Cooking Show – Get a behind the scenes look at how Kevin Riley shoots, edits, and produces videos and get advice for creating your own cooking show. Look over Kevin's shoulder as he creates an episode.  
  • Secret Recipes – Get exclusive access to some special recipes that are not published on Kuma's Kitchen.  
  • This Is Japan – See even more of Japan as Kevin takes you to temples, shrines, castles, festivals, big metropolises, ancient towns, farming communities, and so much more that is Japan. 
  • Meet the Japanese - meet farmers, shop owners, real ninjas, Buddhist priests, fish mongers, carpenters, salarymen, foreign residents, school kids, bar tenders, food stall owners, street performers, and all the others that make up Japan.  

You'll also get a Kitchen Helper badge, which you can proudly display on your website, blog, social media, and other places online. Yep, bragging rights.

Sous Chef
per month
Congratulations! You've graduated from helping around the kitchen and now can do some serious cooking. You'll get a number of rewards for your role in making Kuma's Kitchen a success:  All of the same access to videos and posts as Kuma's Kitchen Helper, plus...  
  • Original "This is Japan" Wallpaper – Put Japanese beauty on your computer. Decorate your computer display with original wallpaper from Japan - photos taken by me (beautiful and interesting sights I find on my wanders in Japan). A new wallpaper every second week, so you have lots of choice. Wallpaper comes in standard 1920x1080 size.  
  • Have Your Say - Add your input on what you want to see, know about, get answers to, and more.
  • Sous Chef Badge – Get the next level badge for even greater bragging rights on your website, blog, social media, and other places online.
  • Kuma's Kitchen Christmas - All Sous Chef members who have been members for at least 3 months prior to Christmas will receive an original design Christmas card with a hand-written greeting from Kevin Riley, and a Kuma's Kitchen Christmas cookie surprise.
Master Chef
per month
Wow! Now you're cooking with gas. You'll never know just how much your help in Kuma's Kitchen is appreciated, but hopefully these rewards will give you an idea of our gratitude.  
You'll get all the same access to videos and posts as Kuma's Kitchen Helper plus all the extras that the Kuma's Sous Chef gets, plus...  

Instant Reward

  • Shout-Out & Soapbox – Receive the recognition you so richly deserve. A special video will be created – all about you* (of course, only as much as you want to share with the world). Here's your chance to get on a soapbox, tell the world what you think, and have some great bragging rights for your friends and family. 
  • Master Chef Badge – Get the top level badge for the greatest bragging rights on your website, blog, social media, and other places online.
Every Month  

  • Your Name In Bright Lights – Your name* (unless you prefer to remain anonymous) will appear in the credits of all recipe videos published while you remain a Master Chef patron. This can be your name or your business name if you're looking for some exposure. 

Every Three Months  

  • Bikkuri Japanese Food & Cool Stuff Basket – Receive a basket (well, OK, actually a box) with cool Japanese snacks, ingredients, and other foodie stuff from Japan**. All items are personally selected by Kevin Riley. The word 'Bikkuri' is Japanese for 'surprise' and every box will pleasantly surprise you with a new selection of Japanese goodies. In fact, look for the little non-food surprise in each basket (er, box). Update: Recent items have included Hina dolls, Kimono obi (great table runners), antique fans, and other special items.  
  • Original Kuma's Kitchen T-Shirt, Hat, or Mug – Every third month that you remain a Master Chef patron, you'll receive an original design T-shirt, hat, or mug with a witty kitchen or food related illustration by Kevin Riley. Look forward to a pleasant surprise in your mailbox**.  
Every Six Months  

  • Original Kuma's Kitchen Apron – Designed by Kevin Riley, these sturdy aprons are exclusive to Master Chef level patrons. Aprons identify you as a member of the Kuma's Kitchen Cooking Club and are decorated with witty illustrations (after all, we're here to make cooking fun again) created just for you by Kevin. Receive a new apron every six months**.
Every Year  
  • Your Own Personalized Custom Recipe – Make your name legendary with an original recipe designed for you and carrying your name. You'll choose the type of recipe you'd like, and Kevin Riley will design a unique recipe for you, shoot the recipe video, and give you a massive shout-out. Not only will you have your own personalized custom recipe on video, but it will also be published (with your name and photo if you like) in the next year's Kuma's Kitchen Cookbook.
 At Christmas Time  

  • Kuma's Kitchen Christmas Cookies & Card – All patrons who have been a Master Chef patron for three months or more prior to Christmas (in other words, you became a Master Chef patron before September 25) will receive a box of Kuma's Kitchen Swiss Christmas cookies**. You'll also receive a Kuma's Kitchen original design Christmas card with a hand-written greeting from Kevin Riley. 

 * Unless you let Kuma's Kitchen know otherwise, your Patreon name will be used.

 ** To ensure your T-shirts, hats, mugs, food baskets, aprons, cookbooks, and badge stickers arrive safely, please double check your address when becoming a patron. Note: All addresses are kept confidential and only used to deliver your rewards. 




In Kuma's Kitchen, I share with you the fun, delicious, sometimes eclectic dishes I have developed and perfected over the past five decades. My mantra is “make cooking fun again” and there's a focus on fun dishes that are quick and easy to make.

At Kuma's Kitchen, I publish a new and unique cooking video every week.

Here on Patreon, I'm bringing you a whole lot more. Check out the long list of types of interesting and helpful videos and other posts – over there on the right. To show my overwhelming appreciation for your patronage, I've created a bunch of really cool rewards – stuff that no one else gets.

Come join me in the kitchen,
Kevin Riley

About Rewards Deliveries

  • All videos and other posts (accessible by Kitchen Helpers, Sous Chefs, and Master Chefs) will appear in the Patreon post feed below.
  • All Kitchen Helper, Sous Chef, and Master Chef badges will be personally sent to you by Kevin Riley via e-mail.
  • All Sous Chef and Master Chef wallpapers will be delivered every two weeks in the Patreon post feed.
  • All Master Chef physical rewards (Bikkuri Japanese food basket, T-shirts, mugs, hats, aprons) will be shipped* within the first week of their respective delivery months. Shipping times vary depending upon item and destination.
  • Christmas cookies will be sent to get to you in time for the Christmas season. These special Swiss cookies are long lasting and can be kept in a tin for many weeks.
  • For other Master Chef rewards (such as the shout-out video and custom recipe) you will be contacted by Kevin Riley to discuss details.
Please note that individual rewards are only sent during months you remain a patron at the reward's designated level.

*Important: Be sure you enter your mailing address perfectly to ensure delivery of your physical rewards. Capitalize names. Check street numbers, postal codes, zip codes. Check that your address meets the formatting requirements of your country.
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Upon achieving our first 100 patrons, Kuma's Kitchen will shoot a special shout-out and thank-you video in a scenic location in Japan, while creating a special outdoor recipe on a barbecue.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 422 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 422 exclusive posts

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