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About Kun

This Patreon page is to help me divert more time to creating music as well as other projects!

Current Projects:
Playing for Worship - Guitar + Ukulele + Piano
In the works - Cajon + Drums

On hold/Finished:
Songwriting for Next EP: 'Without Me/Love You More' (On hold)
Translating God and Devil World (Finished, read on at webnovel.com)
Translating Apocalypse Cockroach (taken over by Blackberrry)
Writing original story Unlimited Potential (On hold at Chapter 7)

Bandcamp:  Kun

I appreciate all and any support, and for those who have pledged, do remember to not spoil any releases for any of the other readers!

There are no more readaheads for God and Devil World! Continue to show support for the novel at webnovel.com! Stay tuned for my other projects! Once again, thank you so much for your support!
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