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When you support me at this tier, you'll have your name directly involved with a project.  It could be special thanks, it could be a character, a place location... also feel free to message me on Discord with a name you'd rather use in lieu of your own!  This also comes with all the benefits of the first tier.
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About Kunabee Tiger

Hey there!
Thanks for checking out my patreon page, especially considering the picture is... a version of myself that I made in a dress up game... What can I say?  I am both paranoid and value my privacy.
All my life I've wanted to be a writer (and a mom), and Patreon can help with that whole writing thing.  It can allow me to make the things I want to make and to support myself.
It can also help me keep up with deadlines - something I'm really bad about.  Like, really really bad... x3
Thank you for being here and for any support you've given!  Even just considering Patreon is a really great thing and means you want to help and I appreciate that so so so much! (:

My planned update schedule for 'eventually':
Monday - My personal blogspot blog
Wednesday - Primary Undertale fanfic
Friday - Original story Talisman
Links coming.

Currently: Participating in NaNoWriMo, and screaming.
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$50 a month does nothing but makes my life easier.  It's here to have a stepping stone.  There is no point to this tier that benefits you.  Next goal, I promise.
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