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Yavor loves kung fu.

And he loves to be healthy... so that he can practise his kung fu even better!

Did you know that in fact, in Chinese "kung fu" means a skill, any skill, that you can acquire with loads of practice over a long period of time? The correct name for Yavor's martial art is "Wushu". And yes, it does require daily practice over many years to get good at.

Now, we want to welcome you to join Yavor on this exciting journey. Witness the dedication behind success, the courage required to compete, the daily perseverance in pushing yourself to learn.
Your support will fill Yavor with gratitude and encouragement, as well as it will help us cover his training costs. There is no funding in the UK for Wushu, unlike in countries like Russia or Turkey. Yet, talented youngesters from the UK did so well: at the recent European Championships in Moscow Yavor won a bronze, but he is only aiming higher!
Yavor is now a part of the official GB Wushu team. We need to travel 4 hours one way to train with the GB squad fortnightly.

And when you buy us a "cup of coffee" or maybe rather a "fresh juice" then we - the mum and son team - can bring you content to inspire kids and adults to lead healthy lives and be fit. Stretch with us, cook with us... See how we stay fit even while watching telly!
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